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DVLA Contacts

"Drivers Customer Services Correspondence Team, DVLA Swansea, SA6 7JL "

DVLA stands for Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. The organisation is under UK government with the Department or Transport (DfT) as its parent agency. DfT works to promote the transport network in the UK, and invests in the transport infrastructure to keep the nation’s business thriving.

The functions of DVLA include maintaining a database of the vehicles and drivers in Great Britain. This database is made accessible to those who have rights to use the information. Headquartered in Swansea, the DVLA is also responsible for collecting road fund license and road tax.

Each year, the DVLA handles around 18.5 million drivers transactions, and 90.1 million vehicle transactions. The organisation assists the police authorities in curbing vehicle and driving related crimes.

DVLA provides information related to obtaining a new/updated driving licence. The organisation also lays out various procedures that are involved in updating a licence, such as changing/altering the residential address. Those who are assigned with the task of verifying medical eligibility for drivers are also guided by the DVLA, which lays out the agendas for medical panels. You can book your driving tests, receive assistance on training for the tests, as well as learn how to drive through DVLA.

DVLA helps with the process of vehicle registration as well. Details such as changes in vehicle tax, procedure for registering a vehicle, changing the information in your registration certificate and other similar guidelines are provided by DVLA. If you want to be registered number plate provider, DVLA can assist you with the same.

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